Journal Entry 2022-12-05

Just got back from lunch and wanted to take a moment to keep pushing to build my daily blog habit up. Was having a conversation with a co-worker who has been out of the office for some time due to a broken leg and had one of those random thoughts that may end up being […]

Journal Entry 2022-11-30

Trying to get back into the habit of consistently posting a JE and doing so at lunch… Yesterday I did a little shopping to replace some worn-out clothes, nothing fancy and I’ll call those Christmas presents, along with the spaghetti pot I had to buy too. I originally bought a little one from Walmart, and […]

Journal Entry 2022-11-27

No I didn’t forget about posting here, it’s just been stupidly busy in my life and I don’t think I am going to put a lot of it in the Journal right now. I spent a lot of time on Second Life this weekend and have finished the first story. Still debating on if it’s […]

Journal Entry 2022-10-29

Ok, I have Second Life caught up and ahead of RR now. I been hiding in Cancun this week support a convention hosted by our company. So things are still out of whack between work and personal life. I’ll post some more about my trip later! Enjoy the new chapters!

Journal Entry 2022-10-23

Scrambled to get a chapter ready for Second Life today. I need to write one tomorrow and Tuesday, too, so I can be ahead while I am on a business trip this week! Keep watching for them to post! Once this trip is over, I have to turn in my current leased car. I need […]

Journal Entry 2022-10-17

I finished chapter 39 yesterday, but it was very late. So, it didn’t get posted until today. So many work things are taking my time. One of them is a new computer on my desk – which I am very happy about. I have been suffering from computational performance issues for months now! 😉 16 […]

Journal Entry 2022-10-10

Last week was stupid busy at work and had me missing updates! Damn it! Building a good habit is hard if you don’t have consistent behavior. Yesterday I started working on all the home chores I missed last week. I also put my nose to the grindstone, and you get a new chapter today. I […]

Journal Entry 2022-09-27

OMG Chapter 35 of Second Life sucked it right out of me! What a dark turn in the story. I hope you enjoy!

Journal Entry 2022-09-26

Busy day today, including another chapter in Second Life. I also changed the description for Second Life on RoyalRoad to see if it encourages more people to take a peek. My ranking is #9990 today, placing me in the top 10K. I can’t remember what it was the other day; I think it was 97??. […]

Journal Entry 2022-09-24

Sorry, so busy I haven’t even been able to add chapters on Second Life. Finally caught up and posted a new one today! Going to play a new pathfinder game tomorrow, uses Roll20 at the table. Done right, it will eliminate the need for minis and maps in a public venue. I’m going to play […]

Journal Entry 2022-09-15

I, like most other people, hate the DMV. You would think that in this day and age, it would be simple to get your vehicle title taken care of. Holy smokes, what a high waste of time today was since I now have to go back next week just to finish the process. Ugh.

Journal Entry 2022-09-13

I think I have decided to make these entries at lunch. Sometimes my evenings get skewed and I don’t get to follow my full routine. Sunday and Monday night both were very late and I just couldn’t justify spending the time to post when I was already looking at less than five hours of sleep. […]

Journal Entry 2022-09-11

I’ve been messing around with HubSpot, trying to see if it was going to simplify anything for me. Nope. Free is very limited, and the 1st level of the paid version only gives me one blog – I’m a multi-blog (or at least category) kind of guy. Oh well, there’s lots more fish in the […]

Journal Entry 2022-09-07

I missed a few days and spent most of today at the hospital, passing a kidney stone. #15 isn’t any easier than #1, other than I know what to expect during the process. Most of the reason I missed a few journal entries is that my OCD kicked in, and I had to read some […]

Journal Entry 2022-09-01

Grunge survived another day! Players around the table learned that Grunge really is the First Dwarven Druid, over 4,000 years old and reincarnated 732 times. Things got a little dicey, but he didn’t drop unconscious for the first game session since I started; it ended with 6hp! Guess I have to post some adventure stories […]

Journal Entry 2022-08-31

Missed a few entries this week due to insomnia and then late nights at work. I finished my character, Zane, and his familiar Tails, for the bi-weekly Saturday campaign I’ll start this week. The person I’ve been working with to get the character ready to play won’t be at the session due to a work […]

Journal Entry 2022-08-27

Missed a couple of days. Thursday was game night and came back late and then got caught up in raising Grunge to level 4. Friday I had a late lunch and when I got home I sat on the couch and started reading. I soon fell asleep. When I woke up, I just turned right […]

Journal Entry 2022-08-24

It’s been a quiet day for me today. Finished another chapter in Second Life, a big one, to keep the unpublished queue on RR at 7. It feels like somebody is going to get hurt in the next chapter. My friend Linda had to take her dog to the vet today. He fell down the […]

Journal Entry 2022-08-23

Second Life took an interesting turn today. Sometimes when the story is writing itself, the author can be surprised! I needed a break to think about the implications and how they may change my mental outline. So, I watched ‘Parallel World Pharmacy’ through episode 5, all that’s out on Crunchyroll. An interesting alternative to ‘alchemist’ […]

Journal Entry 2022-08-22

Went to pick up prescriptions today. Walgreens is still suffering, they only had 3 of my 6 medications. The staff was really trying though, they were able to ad-hoc add my sensors since they were in stock. Lots of other people were leaving without what they wanted or needed. I was asked, so I’ll just […]

Journal Entry 2022-08-21

One of the worst airport days in a long time. Delayed flight by an hour, spent 90 min circling the airport waiting to land, and then 2 hours getting luggage and to the car. At least I finished a chapter of Second Life before the flight and two more while in the air! Getting close […]

Journal Entry 2022-08-20

Hanging with the grandbaby today. Walking Superstition Springs mall (wow has that changed in the last decade), running around the Idea Museum, Mexican for lunch, stories & cartoons along with a nap, then dinner at Red Lobster. All the kids are worn out, and so am I.

Journal Entry 2022-08-19

Dinner with the grandbaby – pancakes! Really can’t beat that, well holding hands walking out of the restaurant tops it so I guess the first part was just a trick!

Journal Entry 2022-08-18

Prepped to see the Grandbaby today and then raced over to give Grunge some time at the game table. Things looked grim for a while, but Grunge pulled through! I’ll have to add some more lore into the archive! Look for that next week after I get back.

Journal Entry 2022-08-16

Just a day full of ‘sad’ today. Had one of my infamous weird dreams, and I don’t feel up to adding it to the Scratchpad. If it comes up again, I’ll add it then. I wrote a chapter of Second Life during lunch and edited it during dinner. It’s published here on the site and […]