Busy day today, including another chapter in Second Life. I also changed the description for Second Life on RoyalRoad to see if it encourages more people to take a peek. My ranking is #9990 today, placing me in the top 10K. I can’t remember what it was the other day; I think it was 97??. It’s OK I am in the top third of authors with only 31 chapters published. A little conflict in chapter 34, though I think that 35 will have what my son is waiting for in it. 😉

I need to finish the changes to my character for Thursday’s game and decide what I want to be if I stay in Sunday’s game. The venue was uncomfortable, so I will have to remember to take a pillow in two weeks.

I also need to do some grocery shopping, so I’m going to take my iPad and play on the couch.

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