Just a day full of ‘sad’ today.

Had one of my infamous weird dreams, and I don’t feel up to adding it to the Scratchpad. If it comes up again, I’ll add it then.

I wrote a chapter of Second Life during lunch and edited it during dinner. It’s published here on the site and in drafts on RR (RoyalRoad.com). I also copied all of the chapters from RR over here. Some edits must be made, especially concerning tables and images. Later I’ll test to see if I can copy a post from here and have all the formatting show up the way I want on RR. That would be nice.

There is still a lot to do to get this site back to normal. I added a crafting category and will add a page for it later. I have a few draft posts that I won’t publish until I add the page and finish the projects.

Should have done a few chores…not going to finish that; it’s too depressing. Go read a story, I’m going to bed and will see if there’s a book I can’t put down, so I will be worn out in the morning.

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