No I didn’t forget about posting here, it’s just been stupidly busy in my life and I don’t think I am going to put a lot of it in the Journal right now. I spent a lot of time on Second Life this weekend and have finished the first story.

Still debating on if it’s an Arc or a Prequel for a series. The story just took me to a pivot point that was also a natural end in the current telling. I feel that way because I need a style change to tell the story going forward. There are going to be real antagonists, and while I will stay in first person, the mechanics need to be thought through and documented so I can be consistent in my delivery.

I feel like my first story is pretty rough, and there’s a lot of editing that I should do to polish it up. However, I don’t really enjoy the editing part as much as I do the creating part – and that’s why I need to spend some time putting some style rules together before I start writing – less editing!

My travel is done for the year, so I have a chance to get back into good habits, do some site maintenance and maybe learn more elementor so I can make the site better overall. I have some other things I want to do with my domains, so part of my upcoming staycation will be working on the www.

Look for more regular posts here and design changes too!

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