Scrambled to get a chapter ready for Second Life today. I need to write one tomorrow and Tuesday, too, so I can be ahead while I am on a business trip this week! Keep watching for them to post!

Once this trip is over, I have to turn in my current leased car. I need something for a couple of years while I wait for Arcimoto to get their production line into full swing. They’re saying my reservation delivery schedule is 2023 or 2024. It always takes longer than expected to get things up and running, so I’m sure it’ll be late 2024 or 2025.

I mostly ride my Vespa since I don’t have a big commute. Maybe I’ll lease a small Mazda, like the AWD CR-5, since I will end up using it in the winter more than any other time.

I did some reading this week since work took up almost all my free time. Also finished an audiobook while doing some coding at work. Think I’ll try and post here notes/reviews so you can see what else I’m spending my time on.

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