Went to pick up prescriptions today. Walgreens is still suffering, they only had 3 of my 6 medications. The staff was really trying though, they were able to ad-hoc add my sensors since they were in stock. Lots of other people were leaving without what they wanted or needed.

I was asked, so I’ll just make it clear. I won’t talk about work here.

  1. This is my personal site, combating the “Death of the Internet” (Google it).
  2. I am an executive for a publicly traded company and talking about work could create all kinds of problems, some with jail time attached.
  3. Work already gets more than 50% of my waking time, I don’t want to give it any more.

That should be plenty of reasons, even if I can come up with more. I need to clean out my fridge and buy some fresh fruit and vegetables. Perhaps that’s tomorrow’s adventure.

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