I missed a few days and spent most of today at the hospital, passing a kidney stone. #15 isn’t any easier than #1, other than I know what to expect during the process. Most of the reason I missed a few journal entries is that my OCD kicked in, and I had to read some books; Luck’s Holdings, Battle Mage Farmer (1 & 2), The Hedge Wizard, Greymantle Chronicles 1-3, and Wizard’s Tower. Some of them are new authors for me, and they were worth the read. I have to say that I have enjoyed The Ten Realms up until book 12. For some reason, I just can’t get into it. Maybe that’s why all of the others, a break from it, and then maybe its appeal will return.

I posted new chapters in Second Life, and it’s still fun writing it. So many things in my head that just haven’t made it to the page yet – so keep reading!

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