This page will let you navigate to one of my books – and I use that term loosely because some of the groupings here are more like collections of stories, snippets, or ideas than an actual book where you expect to have a plot, characters, and movement. It’s my playground, and I’m just making it public so you have the chance to play with me! Be nice with comments. Following RoyalRoad’s policy will keep you within boundaries here. Some of the material here is published on RoyalRoad, too. I’ll note that as appropriate.

Second Life

Follow Jebedaih Walker as he begins his second life and explores the opportunites around him. I'm publishing this on RoyalRoad, however if you are willing to suffer without all of the nice things RoyalRoad has to offer, you can get content here first. Some of it may be going through revisions as editing happens and sometimes my OCD kicks in.


This is my scratchpad where I will be sharing my (often) weird dreams with the public at large, use my story dice for a creative writing session, or add short story just because I thought of it. Essentially, I am just going to use each post write when the mood strikes me.

Table Top RPG Stuff

You will find character backgrounds, adventures and side stories here. This is mostly for me and the people I play with - feel free to browse, it's why I'm making it public!