I’ve been messing around with HubSpot, trying to see if it was going to simplify anything for me. Nope. Free is very limited, and the 1st level of the paid version only gives me one blog – I’m a multi-blog (or at least category) kind of guy. Oh well, there’s lots more fish in the sea, so I’ll keep on fishing!

Chapter 30 for Second Life was posted today. It’s a nice milestone. We’re currently three chapters ahead of RoyalRoad, and more just keep pouring out of me!

I wonder if Pearl Harbor survivors, eleven years later, felt the same way that 9/11 survivors due today. It’s been about 81 years since Pearl Harbor, and there’s almost nobody left who survived the event. It’s now mostly a military holiday where servicemen are mandated to participate. For 9/11 the trama is fading a little and new events are overshadowing it. Was the press as pushy then as it is today? Does everybody just want to let it go? Teenagers don’t feel its impact the same way adults do. It’s becoming a generational tragedy, like Pearl Harbor, instead of a modern event.

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