Rants, Raves & Reviews!

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Just a day full of ‘sad’ today.

Had one of my infamous weird dreams, and I don’t feel up to adding it to the Scratchpad. If it comes up again, I’ll add it then.

I wrote a chapter of Second Life during lunch and edited it during dinner. It’s published here on the site and in drafts on RR (RoyalRoad.com). I also copied all of the chapters from RR over here. Some edits must be made, especially concerning tables and images. Later I’ll test to see if I can copy a post from here and have all the formatting show up the way I want on RR. That would be nice.

There is still a lot to do to get this site back to normal. I added a crafting category and will add a page for it later. I have a few draft posts that I won’t publish until I add the page and finish the projects.

Should have done a few chores…not going to finish that; it’s too depressing. Go read a story, I’m going to bed and will see if there’s a book I can’t put down, so I will be worn out in the morning.

Look, it’s in the name – Table-Side Guacamole – you make it table-side. This way the customer can see that your ingredients are fresh, can pick and chose what they want in it, and are 100% certain you aren’t loading it up with old stuff that’s started changing color! Those things in the previous sentence are why we are paying a premium for it! Shame on you Los Dos Potrillos for cheating your customers!

Back Online Baby!

Well, due to SNAFU we’re starting the blog site over from scratch. Expect to see content and posts start to show up now that it’s back online. I’ll also work on making it pretty as time goes by. We need some content, so I’ll copy some content over from RoyalRoad, and I’ve some old things in cloud storage that I can add to build it back up quickly.

Think I’ll also post Second Life here and on RoyalRoad going forward. That story is turning out to be an OCD item for me; it’s too much fun!

Ok, lot’s more to do – cya later!