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Missed a couple of days. Thursday was game night and came back late and then got caught up in raising Grunge to level 4. Friday I had a late lunch and when I got home I sat on the couch and started reading. I soon fell asleep. When I woke up, I just turned right around and went to bed! Some days, that’s just the best thing ever.

Did some chores today and then went to lunch and read a new story on RR, “A Neet’s Guide to Becoming a God.” Author was either sandbagging or converted over from another site because he started the story 5 days ago and is up to chapter 24. Interesting read, we’ll see where he takes it.

I finished chapter 26, and have moved up to rank 13472 with Second Life on RR. I have seven chapters in drafts waiting to publish, and will probably do another chapter tonight, bringing me up to eight ahead. I’ll have to open the gates and publish some as bonus chapters this weekend!

It’s been a quiet day for me today. Finished another chapter in Second Life, a big one, to keep the unpublished queue on RR at 7. It feels like somebody is going to get hurt in the next chapter.

My friend Linda had to take her dog to the vet today. He fell down the stairs, and she thinks he may have broken something since he doesn’t want anybody to touch him, and he didn’t move around much. He’s old and greying, so his color doesn’t match his name anymore. His name is Moose – no, it’s Mousse as in Chocolate Mousse. Funny how our dog was named Butterscotch Pudding. Might be a Leo thing…

Second Life took an interesting turn today. Sometimes when the story is writing itself, the author can be surprised! I needed a break to think about the implications and how they may change my mental outline. So, I watched ‘Parallel World Pharmacy’ through episode 5, all that’s out on Crunchyroll. An interesting alternative to ‘alchemist’ stories.

Went to pick up prescriptions today. Walgreens is still suffering, they only had 3 of my 6 medications. The staff was really trying though, they were able to ad-hoc add my sensors since they were in stock. Lots of other people were leaving without what they wanted or needed.

I was asked, so I’ll just make it clear. I won’t talk about work here.

  1. This is my personal site, combating the “Death of the Internet” (Google it).
  2. I am an executive for a publicly traded company and talking about work could create all kinds of problems, some with jail time attached.
  3. Work already gets more than 50% of my waking time, I don’t want to give it any more.

That should be plenty of reasons, even if I can come up with more. I need to clean out my fridge and buy some fresh fruit and vegetables. Perhaps that’s tomorrow’s adventure.

One of the worst airport days in a long time. Delayed flight by an hour, spent 90 min circling the airport waiting to land, and then 2 hours getting luggage and to the car. At least I finished a chapter of Second Life before the flight and two more while in the air! Getting close to being more than eight chapters ahead again.

The best part of the day was taking pictures with the Granddaughter and getting a hug goodbye.

Hanging with the grandbaby today. Walking Superstition Springs mall (wow has that changed in the last decade), running around the Idea Museum, Mexican for lunch, stories & cartoons along with a nap, then dinner at Red Lobster. All the kids are worn out, and so am I.

Dinner with the grandbaby – pancakes! Really can’t beat that, well holding hands walking out of the restaurant tops it so I guess the first part was just a trick!

Prepped to see the Grandbaby today and then raced over to give Grunge some time at the game table. Things looked grim for a while, but Grunge pulled through! I’ll have to add some more lore into the archive! Look for that next week after I get back.