47 Training Montague?

I started with the multitasking skill, assuming it would be an enabler, and I was right. It was more significant than advertised. I’m sure others have pushed it too, but the breakthrough wasn’t with two conscious streams but four interactive ones. I’m not sure how the others did it, but getting the second consciousness to […]

46 Ps & Qs

Before I can begin, there’s a shimmer of light, and a third beach chair is under the umbrella with Nirvana sitting in it. This Nirvana is older and wearing a swimsuit. While attractive, she hasn’t made her appearance the epitome of beauty, simply more aged than the little sister she’s been going around as. Looking […]

45 Beach Bum

Nirvana certainly delivered on her promise; this place was outstanding! I swear she just copied a postcard of Hawaii or something. Where I was standing on the beach was a swirling mix of black and white sand. To my left, the beach went from streaked grey to white, and to my right, the sand became […]

44 Time Out

Thinking about this a little more, as I fly towards the beach, I find that I don’t want to do this, as it feels like cheating. But it’s better to find out how far Nirvana will let me go before interfering now than when it’s my butt on the line. Before the temple’s opening, ARC […]

43 Flexing My Magic Muscle

Under my breath, I cast the spell Mislead, allowing the illusionary double to appear where I was standing while simultaneously turning invisible from the spell. I concentrated for a few moments while setting up the commands for the illusion, and then I started issuing orders to ARC. ARC, please activate Oracle mode and raise me twenty-five […]

42 The Beginning of the End

At the stroke of midnight, it was just as Nirvana said – every grave split open, allowing a zombie to crawl out. We could smell them before we could see them but see them, we did – zombies of every shape, creed, age, and color. Fresh corpses were just as common as seriously decayed ones. […]

41 More Tricks in my Bag

Billy cocked his head to the side and thought for a moment before replying. “I think that most of the squad leaders are about even with me. Justin has been working to break the 200 mark.” “Cool. I have some other combat cantrips ideas that are probably expensive. They’ll have prerequisites, too. Could we have […]

40 Get Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!

“Billy! We should pull back to the gate – it will be a choke point, and we’ll be able to contain them better!” Billy shouted, “Pretty is right – everybody run back to the gate!” The other squads followed us, and we all rallied at the graveyard gates. It didn’t take long for our company […]

39 Finding a Groove

After watching Mark shift into his hybrid form, ‘American Werewolf in London’ style, we head into the graveyard. Forming up behind Jennifer, we move off the main path into the gravestones on the left side and head along the fence. Billy continued the lecture he started while we were in the wagon. “Again, we want […]

38 The Wheels on the Bus

“All right, we’re done waiting on stragglers. Let’s get squads sorted out before we leave for the graveyard,” shouts Justin! We collect together, and there are close to 30 of us in his grinder group. Justin asks, “Are there any pairings? We’ll try to preserve them, but I’d like five squads if we can balance […]

37 Waiting Around

I stomp out the front door and look around. Two groups are assembling here, and there is an obviously fancy hat. The short, maybe five feet tall, human has a tricorn that he is wearing backward just to make a peacock eye feather stick out straight behind his head by at least two feet. It’s […]

36 Accidental Example

I walk out of the lab and see that my furniture was delivered, as expected, waiting for me to place it. I absorb it all into my inventory and then walk around putting it where I want. Fifteen minutes later, I finished furnishing the suite. Nothing has changed; I’m still pissed off. I flop down […]

35 Going Off

I stay behind as they leave – I’m not a part of what they will be doing down there anyway. Standing on the balcony, I watch as the crowd begins to organize into those who want to seek a boon and those who only came to hear what is going on. ARC, tag the two […]

34 It’s a big deal!

I finish looking around the island, and there is a little more time before I’m supposed to meet up with the others. I don’t have anything else I want to do, so I return to the balcony. I move past the golems and into the room before deactivating Peeping Tom mode. “I hate waiting.” Mason […]

33 Public Access

Crap, that was a late night. Oh, yeah! ARC, Attributes. That’s a huge bump – I’m a superhero! Hey ARC, can you cast spells on my behalf? [No. I can change your attributes and the attributes of others and things. ‘Living things’ may eventually revert to their original values.] You can save particular coordinates to […]

32 Nirvana’s Prank

I went upstairs and looted the sheets, pillows, and blankets from the spare rooms. Then I went to the vanity of the room I was in and cast another scry spell, targeting Auntie. As soon as the image appeared, Auntie looked up and waved at me. So I teleported to her. I looked around the […]

31 Illiteracy and Education

It takes me longer to put everything away than it does to clean it – but it goes a lot faster as I figure out that I can put everything into my inventory and then go from cabinet to cabinet and take out whatever goes there. I am also pleased that I can use the […]

30 Miracles

“Thanks, Lurch!” I separated from him to approach Evelyn at the reception desk. “I think it will do nicely, and you said one gold a year?” Evelyn nodded, “That’s correct, Sir.” I placed fifteen gold on the counter. “I’m committed; five gold deposit. What else needs to be done?” Ignoring my funds, she pulls a […]

29 Bellboy or Butler?

It only took two times going through the song before I had it memorized, and while Greyson was teaching it to me, almost the entire wagon sang along. Our accompaniment kept their hands wide open or clasping something so they didn’t invoke the cantrip. I played along, knowing that I needed to help keep Nirvana’s […]

28 An Old Dog, A New Trick

I’m walking back to the road where the bus carts are, and I realize I don’t need to. I could teleport back to the guild. Then I want to smack myself in the forehead at that stupidity. Then I smack myself in the forehead, saying, “I could have had a V8!” A cold can of […]

27 My Foot and the Gun

Leaving William’s shop an hour later with my order placed, it was time to check on a couple of leads for training. Two of them were in the same general direction, so I started that way, looking for a decent-sized street to follow along. As I came upon an intersection, I saw something that made […]

26 Making a Scene

Laughing, “That was awesome! I don’t know what you are going to do to attract attention Auntie; I am going to ride my light cycle over to the Explorer’s Association and then vanish! That should get tounges wagging and provide enough of a distraction for me to get my base settled and finish my other […]

25 Mending Fences

Nobody is in the parlor when I come out this morning, so I head downstairs to the dining room. Auntie Emma is placing a platter of pancakes on the table. There are already some scrambled eggs and bacon out, and the explorers are chatting and eating. “Good morning, everyone.” Pleasantries are exchanged, with Auntie Emma […]

24 Introspective Musings

Following the explorers upstairs, I find myself drifting into introspection mode…  I can create enough wealth to buy anything I want. With that, I have everything I need to survive in the city and to live extravagantly if I want to. I could set myself up as a local power, but that would tie me […]

23 I’ve Got a Secret

I look at the explorers and say, “You can keep eating. Nirvana is unlikely to join us for a while. If my guess is right, she’s going to wait until I prove something I’ve started to suspect unless I stumble into something else. Bring out both handbooks, and I’ll show you where to spend some […]