I stay behind as they leave – I’m not a part of what they will be doing down there anyway. Standing on the balcony, I watch as the crowd begins to organize into those who want to seek a boon and those who only came to hear what is going on. ARC, tag the two troublemakers and any known associates. Then tag everyone in the audience line whose heart rate is two or more deviations above or below the average for the line.

[Done. Analyzing, Complete. Additionally, SDS analysis of selected subjects indicates they all have criminal records and associations with known criminal or terrorist organizations within two degrees.]

Define SDS.

[SDS stands for Six Degrees of Separation. Historical records show that the FBI started a secret social media campaign to encourage a social fad using the process. This campaign led to some unrelated databases becoming connected and facilitated an enhanced ability to use nearly every digital transaction in the analysis. Once these data links started to become the norm, intelligence organizations leveraged the data to analyze social connections at an unprecedented level. They could identify hidden terrorist sleeper cells and criminals of all types. It became a standard practice by all intelligence and law enforcement organizations by the beginning of the 22nd century to use the analysis in any public forum; thus, it is incorporated into my standard functions.]

Shaking my head, that’s just the thing for James Bond to use at the casino. George Orwell would crap his pants if he could see how big Big Brother is. The only thing he got wrong is that it wouldn’t be our neighbors and children tattling on us; we would do it to ourselves. ARC, send that data to the security golems.

[I did that once the analysis was complete, just in case you needed assistance eliminating the targets.]

I don’t have any evidence of intent to disrupt or harm anybody, just suspicion. Strong suspicion, but should I act on it? This world works on the fundamental of ‘Might makes Right,’ and I am a power here. I have a responsibility to use what I have to make things better when I can. A little pain and suffering, It isn’t like I am actually killing them. This is probably the least unpleasant thing I am going to have to do while I am in Nirvana. Let’s make an example and see if that’s enough. ARC, remove the tags for anyone whose body language doesn’t indicate anger or hostility.

[Three targets remain, they are in proximity of each other.]

ARC, ‘Iron Suit,’ those three once I start casting my spell. Then fly me over them. I call out from the balcony as I point my finger at the three men, “I see the evil in the hearts of men. ‘Irresistible Paralyzing Humanoid Line!'” A five-foot wide, green line of magic races across the ground, narrowly missing the innocents and catching just the three thugs in the area of effect. Those in line around the three rapidly back away from them as they see who my targets are and witness me flying towards them. “The ill intent of you three will not come to fruition today. I was raised understanding that the memory of pain can deter future bad behavior. I give you this pain and three days to reconsider your life choices. Come back to the temple only with hope in your heart to receive a boon, or your suffering will be significantly worse the next time. I sentence you to drown.” ARC, drop them from thirty meters into the ocean a mile from shore and ten meters from each other just in case they recover; they can listen to the cries of their comrades as they drown.

Grants Dark Justice
The reputation of those who earn this title is it’s own reward and punishment.

The three thugs vanish, and I turn to the crowd. “There is no need to fear; Nirvana wants you to grow and thrive so you can face the challenges ahead. Approach the altar with hope and a clear conscience.”

A woman in line calls out to me, “Oracle will I receive a boon!?”

“I’m sorry, I do not know. A prophetic vision of all things is not something I have, only insight into many things. If you don’t receive a boon today, try again on another day or search for a source of power.”

The man beside her jumps in, “Where did you find the cache?”

I laugh, and then under my breath, I whisper, “Fly.” I rise into the air and look back at the man, “Why would I tell you about my treasures? Adventure, seek, explore, think, research, experiment – work for the rewards!”

He yells back at me, “Why should we? You didn’t!”

I’m outraged now. This human leech wants even more for nothing! He’s already being given a chance to hold a power for which he did nothing more than stand in line. I turn back to face him, growling in anger, “You don’t think a price was paid? I’m told that 800,000 people were lost – just so I could live this second life! Could you live with that knowledge?”

He blanches, and several people around him recoil in horror. “That’s right; I am an Experimental. I still had to go forth and prove that my theory was true. I had to risk my life and those of my associates. My perspective from the past gave me insight into what could be. That’s my fortune, and knowing how many others were lost so I could have a chance is my burden. But do you know what is worse? Knowing that all of the other Experimentals are worthless in Nirvana’s grand plan and that millions were lost so that I could give this Dream – that I don’t know anything about AND that everybody is forbidden to tell me about – a chance to succeed. Step up to the challenge and reduce my burden. Take responsibility for yourself and your future and be better than you are today!” I don’t want to be here anymore. “Teleport.”

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