Thinking about this a little more, as I fly towards the beach, I find that I don’t want to do this, as it feels like cheating. But it’s better to find out how far Nirvana will let me go before interfering now than when it’s my butt on the line.

Before the temple’s opening, ARC and I had planned out a few strategies, and using the ‘Iron Suit’ might be an easy middle ground. The idea behind ‘Iron Suit’ is to make the subject’s clothes as rigid and strong as iron, effectively trapping them in their attire. This was one of the best non-lethal strategies I came up with that leveraged ARC’s powers. It worked great on the knuckleheads at the temple that I ended up killing earlier today. If I use it on the bosses that have clothes, the defenders will be able to ‘Cupe de Grace’ the stiffies at a more relaxed pace and focus on the bosses that will pose a more immediate threat. 

I also think I will use one of the others we set up; it will, at the minimum, delay some of the tougher bosses, and if it doesn’t kill them, it will leave a mark. ‘One Way Trip’ drops a target from one mile up into the ocean. I know I don’t have to place them that high to reach terminal velocity, but I like the way it sounds. And as far as using the ocean, hitting the water at terminal velocity is about the same as hitting the ground; the advantage is that there is less mess to clean up, and we are unlikely to hit an innocent with the body. I’ll just have to be more selective in its use, as I am sure Nirvana will be unhappy if I just start sending all of the bosses on a long fall without a parachute. 

This event is supposed to do something for the citizens; I don’t know what, though. After all, she can give bosses more abilities and make them more challenging. There’s something she’s trying to do with this event, and because of that, she won’t be happy if I provide so much help that the citizens don’t have to fight. Hmm, I should handle this a little differently. I should only interfere in the tough fights – or I should eliminate all fodder and leave only the tough ones. I like that better, and maybe Nirvana would too. If they have to earn it, it will mean more! Ok, I think that’s the plan!

“Nope. That’s NOT the plan,” Nirvana said as she appeared next to me. “I’m glad you started reasoning it out, but you have already interfered as much as I want you to on Temple Island. The Horn Point graveyard didn’t matter in the long run, as hundreds of cemeteries across Nirvana can feed the challenge here. However, your abilities are too OP for you to defend the most strategic point in the battle. I will have to manage what you have already done quite carefully to avoid forcing an advantage to one side or the other.” Looking thoughtfully at me for a few seconds, she smiled and said, “How about a vacation? I can offer you a deserted island with a grand beach and a fully stocked tiki bar. Spend two weeks messing around in the ocean and playing with your powers. You can even take some time to focus on the learning materials while this sorts itself out. I know you have a hard time being idle – but you really haven’t been able to appreciate being here at all.”

“Two weeks, on a deserted island, by myself. This is a time-out while you nerf me for game balance.”

She winked, “I am going to change some things – however, it’s not all about you. So, don’t think of it as a punishment. I’m juggling a lot here, and you are in the middle of a fair amount of it. To reduce the isolation, I will send any of your friends and a few others to stay on your island with you while they are in their death time-out. I may make it a reward for exceptional gameplay going forward. Does that sound better?”

“Sounds better, but not great. Things have been moving fast ever since I got here. It would be good for me to take a break and focus on myself. I have only had a little time to do that, and I’ve got some things to sort through, that’s for sure. You could also add a store interface or something – I don’t have swim trunks, and I’m not sure my birthday suit is what people want to see me running around in. I’m sure I could magic something up, but if others visit, they will need a few things too.”

“I’ll come up with something,” she giggled and then said in a voice I easily recognized, “Helm, Warp One. Engage!”

Damn – I needed to think a lot more about quotes!

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