This is a work of fiction written to entertain the masses! Space and time have been rearranged to suit the convenience of the author and book. Except for public figures, any resemblance to persons dead, living, yet to be born, or from alternate timelines or universes is coincidental. References to other works are for dramatic value and entertainment purposes. You should patronize those works that interest you to understand the hard work that earned them a place in popular culture. The author claims no psychic ability, and should a public figure be ‘assigned’ a date of demise, it is for dramatic purposes and does not constitute a prediction, threat, or the like, no matter how convincing the story is. The role played by any person in this narrative is entirely fictional, even if their behavior or actions abide by generally known facts of actual historical events and people.


This web novel is an ongoing work that started in 2022, it’s owned by Majestic Ambitions, LLC and the details of authorship may be obtained through them. Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved.

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