Markus, Hammer of the Earth

[Shouting] Stop beating on my door! I already told you bastards… [Jerking the door open] Oh, sorry, your eminence, I thought you were those crusaders; here to pester me about their gear again. Come in, Come in. You look like you need a drink. Shit, I need one, and you haven’t even told me why […]

Young Master Monkedil

The midwife gave me to the temple when I was only a few hours old, telling the monk that my parents refused to raise a cursed child. They didn’t know how right they were. There was something very different about me, even if I wasn’t cursed, and as I grew, it started to show. The […]

Things about dwarves I didn’t want to know, but Grunge told me anyway.

You want to know about dwarves? You are an idiot. Nobody really wants to know the truth. They’re all sorry afterward. Fine, stop pestering me. This is going to make you glad you’re a halfling. The ‘gonads’ of a male dwarf detach from him when he reaches sexual maturity. They are referred to as (Dwarven) […]