More Site Changes

Whatever mental block I had getting Elementor working for me, I got past it. So menus have changed and several pages have been updated. The Books will each have a page that has navigation built in and you will be able to bookmark the page with the last post you have read, come back to the page via the bookmark and continue reading after new posts have been added to that story. It should make it a lot easier to keep track of where you left off waiting for me to post more content!

I’ve also added a Short Stories section for when I use my Story Cubes, and similar dice, to practice creative writing on demand. Fair warning that some of these may be annoying because they may not get finished. I try to focus on a time limit, and that will mean I just don’t finish the story every time. I can promise that if I am really into it that I will eventually finish the post. I am going to keep publishing them, even when unfinished, because I need the accountability that an audience creates to help pressure me to do good work, not just throw words on a page.

Have a great night!