Greedy Monkey

Greedy Monkey sat on his lonely mountain looking at his empty cauldron and thought, “I should take my sack and go on a trip. I’ll bet I can find somebody who will put something tasty into my sack for a savory stew.”

So, he checked to make sure that the fire below his cauldron was out – after all, he didn’t want his home to burn down while he was away. Then he went over to the old oak and put his hand deep into a knot hole in the side of the tree. After feeling around for a bit, he found his sack and pulled it out. Exuberantly he stated, “Now I’m ready to go on a little trip!”, and he headed down the mountain.

He wasn’t walking down the mountain very long when he saw a man sitting on the side of the trail with a bulging back pack. “Good day to you traveler, are you heading further up the trail of Monkey Mountain?”, said Greedy Money.

“Oh! Good day to you friend monkey, I am indeed heading further up the trail. You see, I have something wonderful in my backpack and I want to trade with those who can appreciate my wares.” said the traveller.

“Well I can save you a little bit of a walk as the only person who lives further up the trail is me! As you can see, I’m not home.”, the monkey said with a wink.

“Ahh, I see – and further, I see that your sack is empty and you must be looking to fill it. I wonder what kinds of things you are looking to place in that empty sack?” asked the traveler.

“Well with my cauldron empty, I need to find some things that will make a savory stew. Otherwise, I will not be fit company for a conversation as my belly will be shouting louder that a polite monkey should speak.”

“I understand, as I have been unfit in that way myself. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with filling your sack today as the wonderful things in my pack are not edible. Perhaps, once you have seen too your chores, you would come down into town and call on me. At that time, I’ll show you what I have in my pack and we can discuss a bit of trade. Please, take my card, it will tell you how you can find my shop!” And so saying, the travel pulled a piece of stiff paper from his shirt pocket and held it out to the monkey.

Automatically reaching out the Greedy Monkey took the proforred card and looked at it. Unfortunately, Greedy Monkey couldn’t read, so he couldn’t understand what use the card was. It didn’t matter much to him, as his couriousty was arroused and he wanted to know what the man had in his backpack. “Traveler, won’t you show me what you have in your backpack? You have already walked halfway up the mountain. It seems a shame to go back to town without even showing the wonderful things you have there.”

“Friend monkey, your sack is empty so you are not prepared to trade. If I showed you the wonderful things in my pack you would be angry that you had nothing to trade and must leave empty handed. I could not in good concious leave you in such a state. Instead, it seems to me that a little mystery would be better than the anger and sadness from not being able to take one of my wonderful things home with you. Instead, find your dinner and then place such things in your sack that you feel you can part with. Come down to my store with your sack and we will find something we can trade with each other so you end up with something wonderful, and I end up with something new and shiny!”, said the traveler.

Now, Greedy Monkey was a little embarrassed that he couldn’t read the card that the traveler had given him. Further, Greedy Monkey was sure that what the man had in his pack was wonder – just like he kept saying and that it should belong to Greedy Monkey. He just wasn’t sure how it could get it from the traveler. Then, he got a gleam in his eye, and he turned to the traveler. “Friend, continue your rest, and then continue your journey up the path. I’ll meet you at my home, as you planned, and there I will show you something new and shiny that you will be glad to exchange for something wonderful from your pack. I’m just going to shortcut off the trail to speak to my friend Stork about some fish for my cauldron and will meet you there. If you take your time I will surely be back and have some fish stewing before you get there.”

“Well that seems like a fine idea then. I will rest here a bit more and then I will see you later today at your home. I will walk slowly so I might be guided by the grand smell of fish stew!”, and the traveler clapped his hands and rubbed them together.