Short Stories

This page will let you read some of my short stories.  Many of these stories are prompted by my set of Story Cubes and other symbol dice I have collected over the years playing RPGs.  The tags will identify the Story Cubes, if any, used in creating the story.  I like using the Story Cubes because I think that it prompts my to create and think about the elements that can be placed into the story.  Please note that I use a time limit when writing with the Story Cubes – so some of the stories may be unfinished.  If I like the story I’ll continue to work on it outside of the initial cube time and will eventually finish it.  If I think I did poorly, I probably won’t ever finish it – I can hear you yelling, “Quitter!” already.  Be fair, not every idea pans out and practicing writing under pressure is something I think will help make sure that writer’s block is never an issue and that I build the kind of thinking that puts and ending in place before I begin so I know what I am working towards.  Use the comments and let me know what you think!

Greedy Monkey

Greedy Monkey sat on his lonely mountain looking at his empty cauldron and thought, “I should take my sack and go on a trip. I’ll bet I can find somebody who will put something tasty into my sack for a savory stew.” So, he checked to make sure that the

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