• More Site Changes

    Whatever mental block I had getting Elementor working for me, I got past it. So menus have changed and several pages have been updated. The Books will each have a page that has navigation built in and you will be able to bookmark the page with the last post you have read, come back to the page via the bookmark and continue reading after new posts have been added to that story. It should make it a lot easier to keep track of where you left off waiting for me to post more content!

    I’ve also added a Short Stories section for when I use my Story Cubes, and similar dice, to practice creative writing on demand. Fair warning that some of these may be annoying because they may not get finished. I try to focus on a time limit, and that will mean I just don’t finish the story every time. I can promise that if I am really into it that I will eventually finish the post. I am going to keep publishing them, even when unfinished, because I need the accountability that an audience creates to help pressure me to do good work, not just throw words on a page.

    Have a great night!

  • 2021-02-09 Update

    Been really busy with work and I think I am ready for a new routine. I’m going to try and put in a couple of hours every night work towards a release at least twice a week. This week you get a new Cranberry Valley chapter and I am not sure what else I will have ready by the end of the week. Check back soon and see!

  • Cranberry Valley Kickoff!

    Cranberry Valley, Under Sci-Fi & Fantasy, has kicked off with the 1st two chapters today! Take a peek and see if the start is worth your time!

  • Site Changes

    Please be patient with me. I’ll be making site changes on a regular basis as I learn more about WP and what it can do. While I am a geek in my day job, I’m not specialized in web development, so there’s lot’s for me to learn, and unfortuneatley it’s secondary to the main purpose of the site. So you’re going to see those changes come into play when I discover things I don’t like and then fiddle around trying to make them better. It’s just a heads up, trying to keep you from becoming frustrated as you try and find the content you are most interested in. Thanks!

  • Coming Out…

    Ok, I have to stop hiding it, just plain admit it, and tell the whole world – I LOVE stories. Yep, it’s completely true I just love stories. I love reading them and over the years I have dipped my toe into writing them by adding them into my RPG characters and campaigns. It’s just not enough, so now I am going to start publishing them here. Who knows? Maybe I become a famous web serialist some day. It’s not something I am counting on, I just like telling a story. So I’m going to use this venue to explore my interests and write some stories. Maybe a lot of stories. Count on finding mistakes and getting to the end of a post and going WTF now and then. It’s going to happen. After all, no editor other than grammerly and me – and maybe you. I’ll have to see if I am brave enough to let you comment on my posts…maybe some of them…maybe…

    In the short term, enjoy what’s here. If you don’t like it, that’s ok – it was for me anyway. If you do like it, then of course, bookmark and (or) share. Eventually, I’ll feel comfortable letting the public have it’s say…

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